Massage for medical purposes or just to relax

I combine ancient Eastern methods of assisted yoga stretching with Western knowledge of medical massage. It's performed on comfortable thick padded floor mat to stretch you into an exotic sequence of postures. It's like yoga without doing any work.

My massage is based on the concepts of orthopedic medicine which works on scar tissue, a primary machanism of chronic injury.  

The technique of my massage and stretching are applied very, very slowly. Not surprisingly, you may experience being half asleep half awake while being stretched like most clients.


At the end, I provide the reiki healing, a Japanese technique through my warm touch to flow energy into your body.


Each session is specifically tailored to the individual needs regarding to your body conditions and preferences


After the session, it will be documented and kept as record, then be reviewed before your next visit to address and progress the further effective treatment.


I use organic and paraben-free massage cream and oil. Also products used in my location has cancer-free substances.



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