A Native of Bangkok, Thailand

I am a therapist with 13 years advanced level experience. I've completed 12,000 hours of dedicated Thai massage practice in Miami beach in March'2020. I am now a master at my massage profession. 

I received my training and certification in Thai massage and foot massage in Wat Po Temple, the traditional medical school

in Thailand. Graduated Magna Cum Laude, a very high honor from massage school in Florida.


I received orthopedic massage training with Ben Benjamin, Ph.D

who is inducted into the massage therapy hall of fame in outstanding professionalism.

I also received training in a variety of modalities such as swedish,

deep tissue, trigger points, accupressure, shiatsu, tuina, sports massage and medical massage in master's level.


In addition of my knowledge in massage, I always thrive to learn new stretching techniques, related to my therapy. I have studied yoga with such renowned instructors as Kino Macgregor, a world famous yoga teacher.


I regularly attend the intensive meditation workshop with Snatam Kaur

at Kripalu center, North America's largest center for holistic health and education. I also meditate in vippasana center, taught by Goenka. In 2017, become a certified master life coach. In 2019, I obtained a master of reiki energy healing training from the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)


As a marathon runner (26.2 miles), century biker (100 miles), former personal trainer, former yoga teacher, a licensed Zumba dancing fitness instructor, intermediate-level pianist, karate kenpo practitioner and the spartan obstacle racer (trifecta honor 2017, U.S.championship final course), I've learned what active clients need in massage and focus the mind like in sports and life.


Along with my adventurous mind and studious habit, you will experience no routine in my massage and stretching sequence.

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